Scheduling spay/neuter appointments

***Important: Appointments for spaying and neutering are EXTREMELY limited, especially for dogs.  Calling for an appointment does not guarantee that we will have an appointment available.


APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED for Spay/Neuter surgery.  Appointments are scheduled one week in advance ONLY, and requests for appointments will begin at 9am on Monday of the previous week. Here’s how it works:

We accept requests via phone every MONDAY starting at 9am for appointments for the following week only.  PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE. Due to our high call volume, we call back in the order in which we received. We recommend calling on Monday, as appointments fill very quickly. We will call until our appointments are full. If you do not receive a call back by Thursday of that week, please call again the following Monday.

Call 313-451-8200 and leave a message indicating that you are requesting a spay or neuter appointment. (Please specify that you need an appointment for spay or neuter, to differentiate your request from appointments for our vaccine clinics.)  Your message should include the sex and age of your pet. 

Requests for appointments must be made via phone.  We will not accept requests for appointments from email or Facebook.

Appointments are EXTREMELY limited and fill up VERY quickly.  We return calls in the order received, so the earlier you call, the better your chances of getting an appointment.  However, we routinely receive 100+ calls between 9:00 and 10:00AM, so even calling early is not a guarantee. 

Once appointments are filled for the following week, we will not return any additional calls.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but our call volume is too large to return every call once appointments are full.   If you do not receive a call back by the end of the day Thursday, please call the following Monday to try again.  For major holidays that fall on Mondays, spay or neuter appointment requests will be accepted on the Tuesday after the holiday between 9am and 5pm.

Drop off time for all appointments is 8:00am.  Dogs are discharged promptly at 4:00pm the day of their surgery.  Cats spend the night and go home the following morning promptly at 7:30am.   Note that a late fee will be charged for failure to pick-up your pet at the scheduled time.

Payment is due at the time you drop off your pet.  We accept cash, credit, or debit cards, but no checks, American Express, or Care Credit.  There is a processing fee of up to $3 for all credit/debit card transactions over $25.  Please see Fees for a complete list of our spay/neuter services and fees.

Please note that The PAWS Clinic requires full pre-payment of the surgery fee for any client who has failed twice to show up for an appointment, or who has twice given less than 24 hours notice of the need to reschedule an appointment.    This pre-payment must be made in person at The PAWS Clinic, and is non-refundable.