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Please note:  There will be a processing fee for all credit and debit card transactions over $25.  Further, when credit cards are used, the card holder named on the card MUST be present. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Surgery Fees   

Dogs up to 75 lbs                $  95   
Dogs 76-99 lbs                    $110
Dogs 100-125 lbs                $135
Dogs 126-149 lbs                $175
Dogs 150-175 lbs                $200
Dogs 176lbs and up            $250

Owned Cats                        $  45
Free-roaming Cats**           $  25

**Free-roaming (feral/stray) cats are unowned community cats who live outside full time and will be returning to the outdoors permanently after surgery.  To qualify for package, cats must arrive for surgery in a live trap (available at The PAWS Clinic) and receive ear tip.   No exceptions!

$25 extra for umbilical hernia repair if our doctor deems that this procedure is medically necessary.

$25-50 extra for cryptorchid (undescended testicle) per testicle (cats) and $25-$75 per testicle for cryptorchid dogs.

PLEASE NOTE:  A $20 examination fee will be charged for any patient admitted for surgery who is determined to be already spayed or neutered, provided that this determination is made upon physical exam.  If we cannot make this determination until the animal is anesthetized, there will be an ADDITIONAL $20 anesthesia fee for cats and $40 anesthesia fee for dogs, in addition to the exam fee.  The full surgical fee will be charged if an exploratory surgery is required to make the determination that a patient has already been spayed or neutered.

A rabies vaccine is required for all patients that are old enough to receive the vaccine, unless one has already been administered. If your pet is current on their rabies vaccine proof of vaccination is required at check in.

Vaccinations and other services (available at the time of surgery only):

Canine Vaccines/Services  
Distemper vaccine (DA2PP) $15
Bordetella vaccine $15
Leptospirosis vaccine $15
Heartworm Test $25
Extra pain medication $15
Feline Vaccines/Services  
Distemper vaccine (FVRCP) $15
Feline Leukemia/FIV “combo” test
Extra pain medication $10
Cardboard carrier $5
Services for Canines and Felines  
Rabies vaccine (1 year) $14
Rabies vaccine (3 year, with proof of unexpired prior rabies vaccine) $17
Flea prevention (single dose) $12
Deworming $8
Nail trim $5
Capstar (single dose) $5
E-collar $12
Microchip $25