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Neuter is Cuter program

The Neuter is Cuter program is an exciting new program that is available for male dogs.   For a limited time,  The PAWS Clinic is offering a $45 discount off the regular price of male dog neuters.

If you have been putting off getting your boy neutered, now is the time to get this important procedure done. Neutering makes dogs better pets.   It reduces or eliminates marking behavior, “humping,” aggression, and running away from home.  It also reduces the risk of testicular cancer and prostate cancer.  It truly is the best thing you can do for your pet!

Neuter is Cuter appointments are extremely limited, especially for dogs over 50 pounds. Please call us at 313-451-8200 and leave a message.  We will call you back to schedule your appointment.    Please don’t message us – we are unable to set up appointments through face book. 

Read more about this wonderful program in The News-Herald.

NOTE:  You MUST mention the Neuter is Cuter program to take advantage of this special program